Peaceful Dialogue 2024 Oil, wood on canvas 120x90 cm - available

Colours and shades of Sevilla 2011 Mixed media on panel 105x47cm 1 to 4

Big belly on the beach Mixed media ,filled sac on canvas 65x54cm 1 to 4

Volcan de oro and plata 2006 oil,sac on canvas 84x65cm -available

 Increasing Spring Oil sac on canvas 33x41 1 to 4

On the way 2001 oil on panel 85x52cm 1 to 5

Coffie in Manacor 1996  Mixed media on sac 1 to 5

Erdmutter 2006 OIL SAC ON CANVAS 120X50 CM available

Shot in Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran 2008 Oil, cloth,paper on panel 93x55