Respect Dignity by compassion 2024 Mixed media on canvas 120 x30cm 

Currently exhibition Rovereto  Italy

2022 Malala on Marengo 2022 Acrylic spraypaint on canvas 97x146 -available

No Gap- Stand up for your rights 2022 Acrylic cardboard on canvas 80x80cm 1-3

No Gap- Stand up for your rights 2022 Acrylic cardboard on canvas 80x80cm 2-3

No Gap- Stand up for your rights 2022 Acrylic cardboard on canvas 80x80cm 3-3

The Right to Work 2021 1. - Essentials - Mixed Media Teakwood on Canvas 40x40cm 

The Right to Work 2021 2.- Exploring - Mixed Media Teak Wood on Canvas 40x40 cm

The Right to Work 2021 3.- Non-Transparent- Mixed Media Teakwood on Canvas 40x40cm 

The right to work 2021- 4.Bloom - Mixed media teakwood on canvas 40x40cm 

 Eco Feminismus 2020 Mixed media ,copper,gold on canvas 38x108 cm - available

Educating girls and empowering women can lead the way to reversing the climate crisis.

Women who come to power in politics place the environment and the protection of natural resources among their priority guidelines. Empowering farmer women by giving them the same access to resources as men, would increase production.

Flowering life in your hands 2020 Mixed media on canvas 74x44cm - available

Clima Upside Down 2019 Mixed media on Canvas 69 x 114cm- available

Series Women of the World - India 2020 - Mixed media on wood and canvas. 80 x 80 cm -

Education Icon verso premature Maternity 2020 Mixed media on panel 100 x 50 cm

Art Aleppo- I see humans but not humanity 2017 Mixed media on wood -sold

Sharing Essential Marches of H2O 2017 Mixed media on Canvas 50x50cm available

There is a significant increase in the water being "lost" to the atmosphere as a direct result of human activity. The atmosphere is warmer due to global warming and warmer air can hold more water vapour.- Humanity in relation to water -The wave is free when it realizes it is part of the sea. 

Marismas Guadalquivir Immigration 2016 Oil on mixed Media 50x50cm 

Balanced on the delicate line of Diversity Triptych 30x30cm-20x20cm-30x30cm 2016 - available

This work shows immigrants made of paper and arabic writing on top of real round stones on the new delicate line of life in there new surrounding.

One of the economic benefits of immigration is the interaction between individuals. The diversity enriches the environment in which people live and confronts cultural exchanges and the possibility of extended creativity increases. Taking advantage of the multitude of people by overcoming the mistrust and sharing is a gain for any culture in the world.


Palestine Wall 2015 Collage Aquarelle on paper A4- available

 Freedom Dance Company 400cm x 200cm Oil on Sail - availableMy `Freedom Dance Company¨´ is based on the following principles:

For people to live in peace with each other, they need to be in peace with themselves.Passion cannot be stopped, but it can be transformed. The cycle of violence->pain->anger->violence can be transformed if rage will have alternative outlets.Hurting others is driven by separation. A direct heart-to-heart experience, seeing ourselves in others, and realizing that we're all part of a beautiful and rich humanity, dissolves the motivation to act against others, and inspires for harmonious living.“Joy is peace dancing. Peace is joy at rest.”

Transparency International CPI Oil, wood, silk paper on wooden panels

100 x100 cm

I am touching the theme of corruption index in the world, my figures have partly transparency, showing their empty hands in pure honesty, the silky cover is partly broken to open the view to the details. Available at Arte Casa Port Andratx Mallorca

Human Rights Memento Italy

Flic Flac from war to peace 2014 oil, Cardboard, sand , plastic on canvas 80x80 cm Available

Human Rights exhibition MEMENTO FROM WAR TO PEACE Rovereto Italy 2014

My figures escape from the frozen glacier war horror battleground, similar to the white war in Trentino, where the melting ice revealed the mummified soldiers, 

turning round by a Flic Flac back onto their feet to a flowering constructive peaceful life

rooted in the soil.

 Spazio Tempo Arte

Human Rights Migrantes Italy

Sea Migration - Big gaps in EU Human rights protection 2013 Oil,sand, paper on canvas 50x100 cm 

Human Rights Spazio Arte Italy 2012

Un Cuore stretto nel dolore 2012 Oil,sand,silk wood on canvas 50x100cm

Mail Art 2011 for Teenage Cancer Trust

A & D Gallery London with Kim Hyun Ju South Korea

Postcard from the Edge Visual Aids New York - sold

Mirca Tour for Human Rights

Mirca Art Group Traveling show " Mirca Tour for the Human Rights"

MTHR is a traveling art exhibition created by an International coalition of artists in support of the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights. We are artists without borders who see Human rights as a Universal Right for all Human Beings.

500 KG PEACE UNDER THE BLUE SKY 2010 Oil sac grass on canvas 38x42cm