Roxane Sunlight in Balance 2020 Acryl and Copper on canvas 92 x 98 cm -available

Caribbean Banana Dance 2020 Acrylic on canvas 131 x 110cm - available

Flamingo Dance on Pointe 2019 Oil,Light bulbs on canvas Dyptich 150x150cm Available at ARTE CASA Port Andratx Mallorca

Red Coral 2019 Mixed media on canvas 30x50 cm available

Flamingo Grafitti 2019 Oil mixed media on canvas 50x50cm available

Nymph of the dance 2019 Oil paper on mixed media canvas 100 x 100 cm available

Viva Fidel ! 2019 Oil on mixed media 80x80 cm Available

Series Women of the world - Aruba women 2018 Mixed media on aluminium and canvas 75 x 120 cm Available

Series Cuba Classic Dance 2. Intertwined 2020 Trinidad Cuba  cm Oil on mixed media and canvas 89x116 -Available

Classic Dance Series Cuba 5. Buena Vista in Red  2018 Oil on Mixed Media 89x116cm -Available

Series Cuba Classic Dance 4. Red Door Cuba 2018 Oil on mixed media and canvas 89x116 -Available

Series Cuba Classic Dance 3. Circling Cuba 2018 Oil on mixed media and canvas 89x116 -Available

Series Cuba Classic Dance 1.Los Ravel - La Habana 2017 cm Oil on mixed media and canvas  89x116 -Available

Finally Released 2017 mixed Media on canvas 100x100cm 

Marianne Cuban Woman 2017 Mixed media,wood on canvas 116 x 90 cm -Available

Multitasking 2016 Mixed media on wooden panel 100x100cm - available

Immigration Lines - Push and Pull 2016 Marble, stone, paper on canvas

30x30cm - 30x30cm - 30x30 cm available

One second light on the rusty equator  Silk metal on canvas 60x80cm each - available

Feather Delight 2015 wood, feathers on sail 100x100cm - available

“Hope is the thing with feathers.That perches in the soul. And sings the tune without the words 

And never stops at all.” ― Emily Dickinson

Lila Growing Roots 2015 Oil,wood on sail 139x139cm - available

Fragile on Step 2015 Oil,wood, paper, gold on canvas,wood panel 121 x60 cm available

Ancient greek meets pixação graffiti 2011 Oil on canvas 100x100cm 1 to 4

Greek Olympics  2010 Oil on canvas 100x100cm 1 to 5

Painter paints blue, violet, green, red 2004  Oil on canvas 162x130cm