Minoan Bougainvillea bird 2021 Mixed Media on sandstone 48 x30x5cm - available

Cheetah Dotted Circles 2021  Silicate,pebbles on sandstone 50x45x5cm - available

Dohoca 2021 Silicate,inlay pebbles on sandstone 59x41cm - available

Tree of Life 2020 Silicate , copper on old Mallorquin sandstone 50x45 cm

Cycle Four Seasons 2020 Silicate, iron on old Mallorquan sandstone 50x50cm

Ancient cat on blue Horizont 1997 Silicate paint on Mallorquin sandstone 41x49x5 Available

Works on Clay

Monday to Sunday 1998 Mixed media on clay 46x38cm each