Podenco Ibicenco 2019 Mixed Media Wooden Panel on Canvas 100 x100 cm - available

6 Mentiras Taurina 6 - 2019 Mixed Media LED on Canvas 80x80 cm - Available

Modigliani Nude dreaming 2019  Oil wood on mixed media 100x100cm 

Pesci Fuori Aqua 2019 Oil on Canvas 125 x 76cm

Eternity Cloudy Camels at Rub al Khali 2019 Oil on mixed Media Canvas 120 x120 cm - Camel Club Riyadh

Arabic Dream Horses in Rub´ al Khali 2019 Oil on Mixed Media Canvas 120x120 cm - Camel Club Riyadh

Spice Trade 2016 Oil sand on canvas 30x30cm 


Cool Airflow 2015 Aluminium, Mixed media on wood. 100x100 cm - Available

The correlation is that bold black and white stripes cool zebras by creating convection currents in the air around the animals' bodies. That is, air moves faster over sunlight-absorbing black stripes and slower over white stripes to create cooling airflow, a zebra air condition and at the same time a camouflage.


Valais Blackneck goat move inbetween 2015 Cardboard, Aluminium, on paper A4  - available 


Fish out of the water 2015 Seaweedballs, arena on wooden panels 100x100 cm  - available

The Floating Fish


Video - The floating fish -


Video - Heartbeat-

Gazelle Abu Dhabi

Sculptures Animals

Move on Calmly United

Appreciated for its grace the gazelle is a symbol most commonly associated in Arabic literature with female beauty. My gazelle is carrying three women of three continents, Africa, Europe, Middle East, which are comfortably united on a sofa.Three heads, touch each other interchanging ideas, emotion and friendship. The union allows to push forward projects with the light speedy dancing rhythm of the gazelle, Flowing clearly like the water.


The Gazelle

By Rainer Maria Rilke 

Enchanted one: how can the harmony of two

Latin words ever attain the rhythm

that ripples through you like a promise.

From your brow rise leaf and lyre.

And all that is you turns to metaphor

in love poems whose phrases light

as rose petals remain in the expression

of one who, after reading, closes her eyes

to see you: almost in flight,

borne away in leaps that cease their springing

only when you stand stock still to listen;

as when a woman bathing in a woodland stream

pauses suddenly, and the water

mirrors her quick-turned face.