Siren Sculpture made of oak wood, fish and octopus cement with fiber, hanging fish sapeli wood aprox. 220cm x220cm 2023

Tropical Fish Acrylic paint on metal Aprox. 90 x 260cm 

Salacia Goddess of the Sea 2023 Cement, oak and teak wood 170 x150 cm - available

Creating this huge mural 6 x 5 meters in the romantic fisher village of Porto Colom, Mallorca, was a big challenge. I was filled with happiness developing the daily process with acrobatic moments on my ladder and scaffold, getting used to spray paint, compressor with a pistol and working with acrylic layers, getting slowly a feeling for the huge dimensions. I went through extreme weather conditions, days of rain changing with sun, storm and even hail, protected by a provisional plastic shelter. On my side always with incredible patience my little dog Mambo, who made good friends with all the neighbor dogs and in the end with no more fear of heights, sleeping on the scaffold next to the paint pots.

My Contribution Goddess of Fish 2021 Acrylic and spray paint on metal roller door 250cm x260 cm in The Callejon de Arte in Porto Cristo Spain.

Chancla dance with flowers Porto Cristo Spain

Fountain with mural and wooden sapeli fish in Porto Cristo ,Spain

Fresco with the oldest technique, natural casein paint on limewash in an old countryhouse in Porto Cristo, Spain