Lydia was born in Cologne,Germany in 1965.

Since 1996 she lives and works in Spain, Mallorca.

She has graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne,Germany for Art and Design in 1991.

The human form serves as the primary subject for my paintings, receiving and reflecting a thought-process partly rooted in Expressionism, in individual and symbolic imagery.

As in the "Figuration-Libre" painting movement, which came into being as a reaction to the over-rationalism of conceptual art, I am drawn to using vigorous and narrative pictorial language in which I combine elements from traditional and archaic artforms with modern references to daily life and subculture, arriving at an ironic critical social and cultural imagery.

Feeling, emotion and spontaneity are more important to me than perfection, reason, and regimentation.

The style of presentation is abstract-figurative.

I place particular emphasis on colour in my painting, the composition of color and the structure of the background.

I aim for strong contrasts of unsullied purity of the colours-by-themselves, further strengthened by the use of thin color glazes to achieve the strongest possible luminosity reflected from a pure white ground.

Suggestive spatial perspectives and temperature sensations arise from the use of cold/warm color contrasts. Complementary colors reinforce each other's luminosity.

A quantitative contrast, using different-sized color surfaces in combination with contrasting materials such as silk, aged wood, unfired clay, bamboo, burlap, matt- and glossy coats of paint, generate maximum optical tension in the overall concept.

Resulting in a forceful and decisive artwork.



Not only canvas and colors for the artworks of this cheerful and creative artist.
Imagination runs to pick up as various as it could be combined and re-elaborated.
Sand and blades of grass find their own perfect position in the inner image in which those elements cannot avoid to make part of it.
Jute and silk fragments dress the canvas leading the dance of characters; everything seems to move; the artist’s paintings light up with life and nature and thanks to the raw materials that mother earth offers , Lydia can tell her rich universe, letting space to the unlimited possibilities she has to collect the possible and the impossible.
Her stories are provocative collage, a rebel expression of a return to the origins , as if ant object and image were necessarily tied to the roots of our earth.
Trees, flowers and the sea are the that priceless relationship, the power of life, that nobody should never let go.