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Italy - Rovereto



Tunisia - Gabes

Second edition Abdul Razzaq Hammoudah Forum of Fine Arts 

Oasis and Sea  October 2024  organized by Abderrazak Hamouda



NEWS 2023

Tunesia Zammour 3rd session of the DarJeddi International Meeting Art and Tourism 8th to 15th October by Abderrazak Hamouda

Tunisia Gabes Abdul Razzaq Hammoudah Forum of Fine Arts 

Oasis and Sea 17th to 21 of October organized by Abderrazak Hamouda

My Artworks used for background Proyection by Romina Calotto in the opera Monteverdi directed by Giuliana Retali in the Convent of Manacor 

Botanical Whistlejacket

The newest painting is created with the techniques and materials used in the 18th century. The work is painted with various layers of brunaille under-paintings and finished with various oil layers.The background is made with golden ochre and bronze pigments. The horse is painted like the horse Whistlejacket painted by George Stubbs in 1762 .One of the most important British paintings of the eighteenth century, Whistlejacket is probably the most well-known portrait of a horse. It is also widely acknowledged to be George Stubb’s masterpiece. The Arabian chestnut stallion had won a famous victory at York in 1759, but by 1762 had been retired from racing. The local name for the treacle/gin drink in the county of Yorkshire was ‘whistle-jacket’.The painting of Lydia Hoffnungsthal shows the horse surrounded with different herbs, like rosemary, sage, peppermint, parsley and carrots. Therefore the new name of this horse is Botanical Whistlejacket.

Watch my newest Siren mural-sculpture...

Rovereto Italy

Human Rights show AIAPI HOPE 

2 June to 2 November

Kasaza Art & Design New Delhi India 

We are the Colors

news 2022

Merry Christmas 
and a very happy new year.

May your dreams become true in 2023 


Nit de L´Art Manacor Mallorca Spain

1st October 5pm to 1am


Kasaza Art & Design New Delhi India 

The Panorama Palette

Kasaza Art & Design New Delhi India 

The Imagined Metaphors

New Camel Oasis Mural designs to choose for your wall outside or inside

Custom made glass paintings are now available for your home in all colors and designs.

news 2021

Creating this huge mural in the romantic fisher village of Porto Colom, Mallorca, was a big challenge. I was filled with happiness developing the daily process with acrobatic moments on my ladder and scaffold, getting used to spray paint, compressor with a pistol and working with acrylic layers, getting slowly a feeling for the huge dimensions. I went through extreme weather conditions, days of rain changing with sun, storm and even hail, protected by a provisional plastic shelter. On my side always with incredible patience my little dog Mambo, who made good friends with all the neighbor dogs and in the end with no more fear of heights, sleeping on the scaffold next to the paint pots.

My Contribution Goddess of Fish 2021 Acrylic and spray paint on metal roller door 250cm x260 cm 

Greetings from the Street Art Project organised by Margarita Colectivo de Arte! The Callejon del Arte in Porto Cristo is taking shape. Some of the artists involved in the street art project are preparing their work, Lydia Hoffnungsthal, Toni Ariro and Clara Borges can be seen in action on the street Calle Sureda in Porto Cristo. Following soon Pedro Albons Gayá  Ensaïmada de color.

New mural flower dance painting with teak wooden captured and flying fish

My new poppy paravent screen, portable and foldable Siren on poppy meadow 2021 oil on canvas 161x158 cm


Exhibition Flowers of Mallorca Son Sureda Agroturismo.Manacor Mallorca

My flower series is enhanced in a beautiful historical surrounding.The Finca Son Sureda has an area of 1.500.000 m². It belongs for 350 years to the same family. Until the 90s, the Finca was dedicated exclusively to agriculture and livestock farming. At that time, due to the decline of agriculture on the Balearic Islands, it was decided to adapt the existing premises to agritourism. Equipped with all needs that quality tourism demands and preserving all traces of their past.

In addition to the agritourism activity, Finca Son Sureda has continued with agriculture and livestock farming. For this, the largest existing carob plantation in the Balearic Islands has been projected, with the new technologies of its cultivation.As for livestock, the old rooms have been adapted for horse hospital and accommodation.

Exhibition Italy

Work - Human Rights


5th June | 5th October 2021

Fondazione Campana dei Caduti | Rovereto | Trento 

Transparency in our Hands

Workplace transparency creates openness between managers and employees,it is proven to breed long-termsuccess. Done well, transparency creates trust, helps improve morale and lower job-related stress. A pay transparency is a major step toward the enforcement of the principle of equal pay for equal value between women and men.

Find out about my art on the Blog of my neighbours gallery in Porto Cristo


❤️My work COUPLE IN LOVE BALANCING IN THE PANDEMIC  has been chosen to be featured in the Paris gallery Singulart collection:

Love at First Sight ❤️Love at First Sight (

Order your custom made antique sandstone for your countryhouse or terasse. The sandstones are painted with silicate paint which build a very resistant unit. Silicate systems are based on the silicification of the binder with the substrate, a chemical process in which the binder potassium water glass reacts with the mineral substrate.

news 2020

Exhibition Tangier Morocco SIACT 4

Invited artist from different countries 25th until 30th of December:

Order your custom painted mural for your home inside or exterior.

I would be happy to advise you individually and you can choose inbetween Fresco Buono, Fresco Seco, Acrilic or milkpaint (Casein)

My artwork Orange Hibiscus in THE ORANGE COLLECTION of the Singulart gallery in Paris

My contribution this year to the Night of Arts in S´Arraco Mallorca

First Floor Art Studio Exhibition , the working place and store.

Oil Paintings, Mixed Media, Works on wood and Mixed Med

Patio of the Lydia Hoffnungsthal Art Studio with water color works on paper Sandstone, and a mural with a fishercouple and fish next to the fountain.

Exhibition and Studio Paintings Mixed media ,Watercolor, Murals, Sandstone

Talk with the galerist Karl Kinsky AtKinky the Kinsky Collection about Lydia Hoffnungsthal and her art. 22.04.2020 Porto Cristo

Report about my time in the state of emergency in Spain

First artwork created in my paradise quarantine

Mixed media ,copper,gold on canvas 38x108 cm ...Primary resources in Coronavirus times or why gender equality can help save the planet.When we educate girls and empower women, they lead the way to reversing the climate crisis

At Arte Casa Gallery in Puerto Andratx Mallorca you can find various of my artworks beautifully displayed.


Check my art works at the prestigious Paris Online Art Gallery:


news 2019

Artist Residency Al Dhafra Camel Festival

Abu Dhabi Al Dhafra

United Arab Emirates

My art presented now at atkinsky Collection Kinsky Gallery Porto

Art can be viewed in the Gallery in Porto Cristo C/Sureda 11, 07680 Porto Cristo 9-13pm





Art Can Save The World curated by Roberto Ronca

International Exhibition of Contemporary Art

7 September | 31 December 2019

Fondazione Opera Campana dei Caduti | Rovereto | TN | Italy

Vernissage Saturday September 7 at 6pm

My painting in the 1340 Art Magazin - printed edition July 2019 

See edition here : 

Fresco Seco or Fresco Bueno

Please contact me for comission works

Spain Mallorca

Nit d´Art S´Arraco 25 July 

Artist Residency Riyadh Saudi Arabia 20th February until 20th of March

 It was an unique exciting experience with 43 very special lovely artists from 31 countries. It was not only fun with the artists, also it was wonderful to see Saudi Arabia opening curiously to Art and Culture. Exciting to meet and speak to inquisative locals with enthusiasm who opened there hearts easily for exchanging their culture with mine, generous and hospitable.Thank you to Ahmed Saleh Al Yafei,the participating artists and the Camel Club who made this unforgettable month possible

Porto Cristo Spain

Water fountain designed by Lydia Hoffnungsthal with wall painting on natural Lime Wash wall with font interpretation of Minoan antique Greek murals. Fresco seco with oil colours in lazure technique, isolated with coats of natural shellac. Fishes made of Ipe wood, holded by fisher rope ,painted and protected with marine varnish. The water is going in a circle.

 Spain Son Bauló Mallorca

19. October - 31. January 2019

19. October Opening 6 pm 

Lydia Hoffnungsthal Paintings

Albert Stonus Light Objects




 TEL  +34  971  524-206   FX  -505



News 2018

Night of Art S´Arraco Mallorca Spain 

26th of July

8pm to 1 am

Germany Refrath Gallery Schröder und Dörr

We cordially invite you and your friends

to the opening of the exhibition


with works on canvas and paper by Lydia Hoffnungsthal

Friday, June 15, 2018, from 8 pm

Introduction: Uli Dörr in conversation with Lydia Hoffnungsthal

Special edition: a special edition will be published for the exhibition titled "Almond Blossom", watercolor on handmade paper, 2017/18,12x17 cm, in an edition of 16 copies.

 Exhibition duration until 21st of July 2018

 The opening will be accompanied by "Das Duo" Christoph Rubruck and Berrnhard Broich with Brazilian guitar compositions.

 Galerie Schröder und Dörr

Wingertsheide 59

51427 Bergisch Gladbach- Refrath

Tel. 02204/764170



Di- Fr. 14- 18.30 h, Sa: 11-14 h

 Title - Selection ,,Papaver rhoeas" , 2017 89x116 cm,

 Oil on mixed media


Italy Fondazione Opera Campana dei Caduti Rovereto Trento 

from 23th June to 23rd September 2018

VERNISSAGE Saturday 23 June 6 pm 


International Exhibition of Contemporary Art




Icona di educazione contro la maternità prematura

Mixed media on panel

100 x 50 cm

Spain Exhibition Studio Arte Lydia Hoffnungsthal Porto Cristo

28.05.2018 until 28.07.2018

Studio Arte Lydia Hoffnungsthal

C/ Navegantes 14

Studio Arte Lydia Hoffnungsthal

Please call for an apointment to see the exhibition 684083244. Thank you

Bitte verabreden sie sich telefonisch um die Ausstellung zu besuchen 684083244. Vielen Dank

Por favor llame me para una visita de la exposición. 684083244 Gracias

Spain Porto Cristo Studio Arte Lydia Hoffnungsthal


7. April - 30. Juni

Opening: 7. Abril 3 pm

Neco Beth - Paintings 

Lydia Hoffnungsthal Paintings - sandstones

C/ Navegantes 14

07680 Mallorca

Studio Arte Lydia Hoffnungsthal


Spain Mallorca

Nit de l'Art S'Arracó


Spain Mallorca Son Bauló

January 28, 2018 Start 11:00 am

  „Sculpture Network“ e.V.

Exhibition Sculptures and Paintings

 14th International Festival of Contemporary Sculpture.

A European initiative: at the same time in 70 locations in 21 countries.

Start 11:00 am. End about 03:00 pm.



 TEL  +34  971  524-206   FX  -505





News 2017


Euro Airport Art Basel Artweek vom 14. Juni - 18. Juni 2017 

Opening hours : 06:00 - 23:00h

Euroairport Basel

Schweizer Seite / Swiss Side

Eventplattform Luminator

3.Stock / 3rd floor


Fondazione Opera Campana dei Caduti - Rovereto - Trento (Italia)

Human Rights H2O 

 20 May to 21 September 2017 

Sharing Essential Marches of H2O 2017 Mixed media on Canvas 50x50cm

There is a significant increase in the water being "lost" to the atmosphere as a direct result of human activity. The atmosphere is warmer due to global warming and warmer air can hold more water vapour.

- Humanity in relation to water -The wave is free when it realizes it is part of the sea. 

"La marcia condivisa dell'H2O". Tecnica Mista su Tela. 50x50cm

"C'è un aumento significativo dell'acqua dispersa nell'atmosfera come diretta conseguenza dell'attività umana. L'atmosfera è più calda a causa del riscaldamento globale. 

L'aria calda contiene più vapore acqueo. L'Umanità in stretta relazione con l'Acqua. L'onda è libera quando è parte del Mare".

50x50 cm

Web Page :

Opening reception Catalyst Gallery in Beacon New York USA

Saturday April 22nd, 2017 5-9pm.

Gallery open from 12-9pm April 22nd until 23rd

The next show is at Garnerville Art Center in West Haverstraw, NY during their Arts Festival on May 20 and 21 st

The postcard has been sold .

Group Exhibition Dubai

"Adroitness" exhibition opens Saturday, 4 February 2017, 

10am to 7pm at the Art Hub Dubai Gallery in D3.

 Gallery timings:

Sunday to Thursday - 10am to 7pm

Friday - 1pm to 7pm

Except Holidays - Gallery Close

 The exhibit runs until 11th of February 2017

´Refreshed reflected sea shadow 2014 Oil, sand on canvas 150x150cm¨

My artworks now available at Arte Casa Puerto Andratx Mallorca


You can order all my 3 d artworks with in a plexiglas box



Caduti - Rovereto - Trento (Italia)

dal 21 Maggio al 21 Settembre 2016 con il patrocinio di:

Commissione Italiana per UNESCO, Provincia Autonoma di Trento, Comune di Rovereto


Bilancio sulle delicate linee della diversità

Mixed Media on Canvas


Tryptic 30x30 | 20x20 | 30x30 | cm





Bilancio dell'Immigrazione: sulle delicate linee della diversità!

Uno dei vantaggi economici dell'immigrazione è nell'interazione tra individui. La diversità arricchisce l'ambiente in cui la gente vive e si confronta, 

incrementando gli scambi culturali e la possibilità di una maggiore creatività. 

Approfittare di una moltitudine di persone per superare ogni diffidenza e ogni divisione verso l'altro. Questo è il vero "guadagno" per ogni cultura nel mondo.


Immigration Balance on delicate Lines by Diversity

One of the economic benefits of immigration is in the interaction between individuals. The diversity enriches the environment in which people live and confronts 

cultural exchanges and the  possibility of extended creativity increases. 

Taking advantage of the multitude of people by overcoming the mistrust and sharing is a gain for any culture in the world.




You are cordially invited to the exhibition 30 years anniversary Gallery Schröder and Dörr.

30th of April 6 p.m.

Milan Sladek will show one of his fabulous Pantomime pieces.

Exihibition `Ensembles´Lydia Hoffnungsthal and Neco Beth

Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany in Palma de Mallorca

Open to the Public from 13.11.2015 Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 12.00 am

Siena neben                                            Neapelgelb 2015

Öl/Leinwand                                            Öl /Holz/Leinwand

26cm x 35cm                                          121cm x 60 cm

Neco Beth                                               L. Hoffnungsthal

Both artists are excited about the opportunity to present for the first time their ''Ensembles''to the public at the German Consulate.

Neco Beth's Art is located in the dialogue with tradition and emotion,

Elements of Paleolithic art forms are presented contemporary.

Lydia Hoffnungsthal's art develops from her current everyday and subculture.

Mediterranean colors and people in motion in an unlimited nature predominate.

Our temporary compilation of paintings to ensembles create exciting compositions 

which communicate with each other.

They are snapshots of dual imagery  in the movement to each other

Combinations of contrasting materials and found objects, such as wood, paper, sand,silk, sail, canvas, and the application of various techniques like gravure printing, linocut, oil painting or collage, open up a new dynamic.

Neco Beth                                Lydia Hoffnungsthal

Buyeo Jeongnimsaji Museum South Korea 

8th International Art Exhibition 25th September - 29th September



My artworks now available at Arte Casa Puerto Andratx Mallorca


2015 Artists for the kids of Syria 

Charity Auction 6. June 2015 in Grand Hyatt - Dubai

Thirty seven works from a special collection of 183 fine art creations donated by prominent Arab and international artists were sold during the auction.

DUBAI -- A charity auction organised under the patronage, and in the presence of Shaikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, UAE Minister of Culture, Youth and Community Development, has raised Dh487,000 to support Syrian children in refugee camps.

Thirty seven works from a special collection of 183 fine art creations donated by prominent Arab and international artists were sold during the auction organised by Fann-A-Porter art gallery in collaboration with the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) and art dealers, artforumuae, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Dubai, on Saturday. The remaining works will be available for sale at the gallery until the end of July.

Shaikh Nahyan commended ‘Artists for the Kids of Syria’ auction, a humanitarian initiative of Emirati artist Fatima Lootah, and noted that the event shows the close ties between the UAE, under the leadership of UAE President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and Arab brothers.

Commending the humanitarian role of the country and its agency, the ERC, he stressed that the UAE does all it takes to back Arab brothers, support the needy and the ill, counter disasters and deepen solidarity among Arabs everywhere.

He underscored the role artists play in supporting humanitarian issues, alleviating the suffering of these refugee children through psychological, material and educational support in a bid to create a favourable, safe, secure and humane environment for them.

Shaikh Nahyan bin Mubarak added, 'We hope these events would open the door for more good action for the benefit of the brotherly Syrian people whom we greet tonight. Our minds, hearts and feelings are with them and may Syria always remain a glorified and powerful Arab country.'

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